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When buying theatre tickets, you will probably want to have the best view in the auditorium, or at least be able to see the stage clearly for the price you pay. For lots of theatregoers, the seat and the view can make your experience special. However, the top ‘premium’ seats in most of London’s West End theatres often push up to nearly £100 per ticket, and the view is often just as good a few rows behind or in front of these seats, and a whopping £30 is knocked off the price.

Restricted View Seats

The Dress Circle at the Phoenix Theatre, London

If you really want to pay a lot less and are not so fussed with having the best view in the auditorium, then you should think about purchasing restricted view seats. These can be as little as £15 each, so the price drop is extremely significant. When booking your tickets, if doing so over the phone, ask exactly how restricted the seat is. Often, the view isn’t as bad as it sounds like on paper, and so buying these seats are very much worth it. You may also get moved to a better seat if the auditorium isn’t full! Do bear in mind, however, that your seat will not have the perfect views and you will often be located in the Upper Circle or the Balcony – the highest levels in the theatre. For some, just being in the atmosphere of live theatre, whether or not you have the greatest view, is a great experience in itself, so you will have to decide for yourself if these tickets are for you.

Front Row Seats

Sometimes, sitting closer to the stage can be even cheaper than sitting a few rows back. Stall tickets on Ticketmaster for Jersey Boys, for example, range from between £45.70 and £91.40, with most seats in this section priced at around £67.20. Premium seats are the £91.40 tickets, yet the cheapest ones in this section, the £45.70 tickets, are actually tickets in the front three rows. They are cheaper here due to the high stage and the fact that Jersey Boys is a rather loud musical, but if you do not mind sitting so close, then these seats are excellent value for money.

It is worth looking around and trying to find out which seats are the cheapest, and why they are the cheapest, as you could find yourself a real bargain!

Share Your Seating Tips

Do you know of any particular seats in a London theatre that is sold as restricted view but is actually very good value for money? Share your advice and ask any questions you may have in the comments box below.

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