Social Networking

Like it or not, social networking in its various forms is now used as a mass marketing tool for various businesses around the world. Rather than complaining of being a victim of targeted advertising, learn to use it to your advantage to help bag those sold out or expensive tickets.

There are a number of Facebook groups available to join offering discounted tickets to shows – try searching from your profile. These groups will often have last minute availability or exclusive special offers and message members on a first come first serve basis.

‘Facebook friend-ing’ a particular performer, theatre company or production puts you at the heart of their mailing list. When free or discounted tickets become available you will be the first to know.

Sidebar advertising is usually targeted specifically towards your tastes, so schemes such as ‘Mastercard Midweek Matinees’ pop up on your mini feed and sidebar. These adverts are an excellent way to find a deal you never knew existed…

‘Liking’ certain events and shows can again unlock special offers, as well as giving you up to date show information.

Try ‘liking’ our page by using the link on the sidebar!

What do Stephen Fry, The Queen and Lady Gaga all have in common? They all ‘tweet’. Twitter is rapidly becoming one of the fastest ways of sharing information on the Internet, and many shows have begun to embrace its potential. By following certain shows such as @wickedlondon you will be the first to know when new tickets go on sale, when cast members change and other valuable gems of information. Most shows now have their own Twitter profile allowing you to interact with cast and crew members, giving reviews and valued feedback. Had a particularly great experience at the theatre? Tweet it. Enjoyed watching one performer in particular? Tweet it. Found out an excellent way to get cheap theatre tickets? Tweet it.

Twitter can be a useful tool for bagging free and discounted tickets. Follow as many discount websites as possible to find out first hand information.

Why not try following your favourite performer? You will get direct news first hand, find out what they are up to and even get some sneaky backstage gossip. The website is an excellent resource to find out where your favourite actor is performing and you can even trace what shows they have been in over the past few years!

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