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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Will Wonka and Cast

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is an excellent show for schools and groups of young people!

A great way to save money when purchasing theatre tickets is to buy in bulk. Theatre ticketing sites often do discounts if you are a group of 8 or more, and this sometimes cuts the costs considerably. You will usually have to call a certain telephone number for group bookings at either the theatre’s box office, or with the ticketing company you are planning to purchase tickets from, but they should sort you out with great discounts. Group bookings not only cut the costs of and enable you to see a top London show for much less, but they are perfect for a friend’s birthday or for a hen night.

2-For-1 Deals

Another way to purchase cheap London theatre tickets is to buy tickets to two shows. Lots of theatre ticketing sites do 2-for-1 deals which enable customers to purchase tickets to two theatre shows, but only pay for one. Essentially, you will be buying a half-price ticket to each show, and this is a great deal if you have two shows in mind that you would really like to see. Some sites have theatre ticket special offers with half-price and 2-for-1 deals.


Show Pairs

Show Pairs is an excellent service that allows groups to advertise and book theatre tickets in pairs, at a special discounted rate. Simply log onto their website at http://www.showpairs.co.uk/index.html and fill in the information request form if you meet their criteria. Once accepted onto their mailing list you will be able to start to take advantage of some of their fantastic offers!

Got Any Tips?

Have you purchased tickets in a group booking before? How much money off did you get? Were your seats good? Share tips or advice, or post any questions you may have in the comments box below!

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